Willow Legge

Willow Legge graduated from Chelsea Art School and has spent most of her career as a professional portrait sculptor. Her interests expanded to art therapy and this she practiced for ten years in a psychiatric hospital. For many years, she used her portrait skills at the Tussauds studio. Parallel with her portraits, however, Willow created a very personal group of works. In contradiction to her professional persona, these concentrated on the inner, essential character of a subject, the life that is inside rather than the outward appearance. Much of her work is autobiographical, reflecting her preoccupations and concerns at the time. Connected to this is her interest in wildlife, again, it is the lines and rhythms, the essential shapes she looks for, carving a swan or a duck she plays with its mass and volume, ignoring the external details and concentrating on the simplicity of its shape and form. She is a member of the Society of Portrait Sculptors and has exhibited at the Royal Academy and the National Portrait Gallery in a touring exhibition of self-portraits by women artists.

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