Nicola Toms

Nicola Toms grew up on a cattle ranch in Zimbabwe where her nearest neighbours lived ten miles away. She spent her childhood surrounded by both game and cattle and was constantly at her father’s side as he drove around the family ranch. She studied graphic art in Harare and then moved permanently to London in 1993. The biggest influence on her work are the French animalier sculptors and in particular Rembrandt Bugatti. In her work she aims to create convincing form through her understanding of anatomy and at the same time portray the subtle characterisation of the animals through her sensitive observation of detail.

Some of her work also has an underlying sense of humour, ‘a trotting sow’s undulating folds of flesh jostling in tandem; baby elephants fearless and playfully imitating mock charges.’

‘That youthful desire to play and experiment reminds me of how closely linked we all are on this small planet’ explained Toms.

She has had numerous solo exhibitions in London and the Provinces and undertaken many private commissions. Works on view to the public include a life-size bull at Cranborne Manor in Dorset and crocodiles perched on lanterns outside Home House, a private members club on Portman Square in London’s West End.

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