Jilly Sutton

Jilly Sutton studied at Exeter College of Art and is well known for her large wood carvings, mainly heads and figures formed from a single tree trunk. The works displayed here are both bronzes and limited edition castings taken from the original carvings and are suitable for display outdoors. Her portrait of the Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion, is now in the National Portrait Gallery. Among her many other commissions are works for the Museum of Liverpool Life and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Wood is a living breathing medium and Jilly’s work reflects an intimate knowledge of its properties and limitations, her carvings exploit the natural forms and contours of the medium. The force behind her work comes from the tranquillity of her surroundings. Her house and studio are on the banks of the Dart Estuary where the calmness and order of the river continually influence the peacefulness of her sculptures.

The Tilt Yard Lady,  is a bronze resin cast from a famous Monterey Pine that fell in the jousting court of Dartington Hall Gardens. The head represents the peacefulness and serenity of the beautiful gardens. The rotten area on the left cheek remains to tell the story of the aged, much loved, but very rotten tree’. The Architect, also cast in verdigris bronze resin from the original wood assemblage, reflects the chaos and resolution associated with building projects.

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