Carol Peace

Carol Peace studied at Winchester School of Art and the Prince of Wales’s Drawing School. She has obtained numerous commissions, both public and private, and solo shows in London, Athens, Zurich, France, Spain and Holland. In 2007 she co-founded the Bristol Drawing School and is currently the artistic director there. She is a sculptor who could not work without drawing. The process of drawing, that intuitive response, is what she aims for in her work. While some of the sculptures are layered with meaning, a direct and honest response is often present. She sculpts in clay which, like charcoal, is quick to make marks with, once finished it is cast into resin or bronze when those fluid marks of the making are then fixed. Her figures inhabit an inner world of self-reflection. While she derives her knowledge of the human body from her detailed life drawings, the figures come from her imagination, reaching beyond mere depiction. With their delicately balanced forms and rock like plinths, the large-scale works relate to forms and volumes found in the landscape, their often elongated limbs and strange proportions lending them a surreal air.

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