Anita Mandl

Born in Prague, Anita Mandl is a trained zoologist who was on the teaching/research staff of the Medical School, University of Birmingham, until l965 (gaining a Ph.D. and D.Sc). During this period, she attended evening classes in sculpture at the Birmingham College of Art. Animals are her natural choice of subject and her interest lies in depicting them in a pared down, simplified form. Brancusi has been the biggest influence on her work. The pieces are reduced to semi-abstract form but retain a marvellous sense of characterisation. There is often an underlying sense of humour in the choice of animals – her baboons and guerrillas can have an uncanny resemblance to humans. Mandl is a carver, working in alabaster, soap stone and marble. The animal is dictated by the shape of the piece of stone and her pieces are cast as bronzes from the original carvings at the Pangolin foundry near Gloucester. The artist has shown widely in London and the regions, including the Royal Academy, London; and the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and a member of the Royal West of England Academy.

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