John Hitchens – A Collection of Early Paintings – 17 July – 27 July

17 July - 27 July

Together with gallery artists who celebrate the act of painting including: Karen Bowers, Anthony Garratt, Lucy Powell, Jemma Powell, Cathy Somerville-Wilson, Paul Treasure

This exhibition brings together John’s work from the 1960s to the 1980s.  It shows the progression of his style from his early figurative work through to the abstract work of the late 1980s.   John continually pushes the boundaries of his work.  In the 70s he began to eliminate the sky in his paintings, flattening the horizon focusing in on the land and its pattern of fields and woods.  Gradually the paintings were reduced to compositions of shapes and blocks of colour.  The tones of the woods, the depth of water, glades and paths of dappled light were rendered with broad, assured brushstrokes; the distillation of years of study, observation, mark making and knowledge of paint.  For the last 25 years John has been pursuing abstract work but still deeply rooted in landscape.  There is a sense of looking down on the land in these latest works and of plotting its marks shapes and contours using visual connections which run right through his oeuvre.


  • Jilly Sutton

  • Helen Denerley

  • Miranda Michels

  • Will Carr

  • Marzia Colonna Sculptor

  • Sarah Walton

  • Charlotte Jones

  • Nicolas Lees

  • Walter Bailey

  • Anthony Garratt

  • Catharine Somerville

  • Karen Bowers

  • Oona Campbell

  • Marzia Colonna

  • Sarah Bowman

  • Philip Lyons

  • Maggie O’Brien

  • Stephen Palmer

  • Lucy Powell

  • Jemma Powell

  • Alexandra Zarins Rolls

  • Sarah Warley-Cummings

  • Vivienne Williams