Up goes the Green Dancing Torso

8th September 2011

Just over a week to go every one working flat out!

With just over a week to go to the opening, the last ten days have been frantically busy. We now have nearly all the sculpture installed and were lucky to have most of it in before the gale of last Monday night made conditions very difficult. Handling tons of slippery stone and marble in a torrential down pour with mud under foot is no joke. Dick Budden’s giant bronze  fruit is now lying in the orchard among the windfalls looking as autumnal as the weather, Paul Vanstone’s marble torso’s look stunning against the sky line. I think our farmer Brian Dallyn must have been very surprised to be greeted by an eight foot female marble figure on the edge of his field as he did his rounds on Monday morning.

Paintings have been arriving from Scotland, France, Berlin and  Devon  as well as our local artists Lucy Powell and John Hitchens. We are really lucky that John has given us some more landscapes and flower paintings carefully stored since the 80s all are based on the landscape around here the South Downs and Grafham woodland. Tim Kent’s  figure studies painted in his Brooklyn Studio, are finally on their way but not yet arrived. They can now be seen on the web site they are richly painted,  playful works juxtaposing the models against the large portrait commissions he is currently working on in the studio. Fingers crossed there are no more  hurricanes in New York  and they make it in time for the opening,

The swallows which have been nesting in the  open barn since the spring are now having flying lessons and getting very good at it. I am tender hooks as to whether they will have left in time for the opening as there are obvious complications to placing sculpture and painting out there at present!