Svetlana Rumak

Sveta Rumak was born in 1969 in the Ukraine before moving to the city of Chelny in Tartastan, Russia. She studied there in the Art Department of the Pedagogical Institute and continued her studies later at the Art Academy of Russia in Kazan, where she was able to experiment freely with different media and print making techniques. She has exhibited in Russia, the USA and throughout Europe. Her work is widely sort after as both an artist and an illustrator. She now lives and works in Moscow.

A lot of the inspiration for her work comes from her childhood spent in the landscape of Ukraine then a magical place full of wild flowers, berries and beautiful lakes.  Many of the symbols in her recent work; animals and flowers stem from her childhood memories.  Her paintings also contain references to her Russian heritage.  The humans and animals, off set by textured backgrounds.  There are references to Russian icons through the enlarged almond eyes, long straight noses and flattened figures.  Recurring themes in Sveta’s work include the connection between generations; childhood memories; the fragility of human life and the unsettled state of humanity. Her recent paintings are inspired by the transformation from childhood to adolescence. Her work is rich and soulful, often ambiguous with an otherworldly quality.


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