Sarah Warley-Cummings

Sarah studied at Central St. Martins for a BA in Fashion and Illustration. After graduating she worked in Paris, London and Milan freelance illustrating for international magazines and newspapers, before joining Fleet Street as a fashion and news journalist. After ten years Sarah left to pursue painting full time. She has exhibited in the Mall Gallery with the Pastel Society, New English, Originals and the Affordable Art Fair.  She regularly shows at Pattersons Gallery in London and exhibits with the Nine Printmakers at the Riverside Studio in London.

She approaches print making in a highly inventive way using processes adapted during her long working career. Each print incorporates several laborious and different techniques including dry point, carborundum and mono-printing in combination with hard and soft ground etching plates. To achieve a painterly appearance several different plates and textures are often used and overlapped to create the final image. Since moving to West Sussex Sarah has been influenced by the country landscape and wildlife which has fed into her recent work, from this sense of place stems the luminous abstract work in this show.


This latest set of monoprints has developed by overlaying multiple Carborundum plates Sometimes up to five plates are used to get the combination of colour and texture in one print. The images reflect an abstraction of shapes found in the landscape in and around West Sussex. A square format is used as a non-naturalistic device instead of echoing the typical landscape structure. The subject matter a formal arrangement of shapes and colours to be enjoyed principally for its abstract and aesthetic qualities.


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