Ramsay Gibb

Ramsay Gibb is a landscape painter of majestic scenery with an underlying interest in the archeology or ancient culture of a place. For this show he travelled to the Far north west of Scotland, the Hebrides, Sutherland and Wester Ross. Ramsay wild camped in some of the UK’s most remote locations the Beach at Sandwood Bay a five mile walk in down a remote track and Cape Wrath, the north-west tip of Scotland which faces the full force of the Atlantic.  Spending several nights there he felt their extraordinary force, the full power of the Atlantic and the effects of sunrise, sunset and the light of the full moon appearing briefly from behind the clouds.

He writes, ‘these beaches are the edge of Europe and the ones that face the fullest force of the Atlantic. Here the mercurial light of the north, glancing on the sea or fleetingly held within a cresting wave, is the most transformative. These are places of beauty but also shocking power. The resistance of ancient geology and the insistence of the sea define the contortions of this coastline, and by accepting these forces the island and coastal communities, have a history which is inseparable from them. They are bound together by the ocean which facilitated the waves of people that arrived and left by boat, Celts, Vikings, Christian missionaries, all found safe landings on these beaches.

‘These strands of coloured sand weave in and out the frayed coast of northern Scotland, appearing and reappearing like a dashed line marking the outer edge of Europe. Yet on each beach it is the sea which draws one. These are some of Britain’s least accessible and most beautiful places. They demand a commitment to reach and reward one’s efforts by being pristine, any prior disturbance by others wiped by a sweep of the tide. To witness moonlight and sun rising upon sleek, wet sand is to partake in a mysterious, silent, celestial choreography that remains untouched by modernity. ‘

Ramsay was born in Ayrshire later moving to Lancashire. He studied at Bolton and then the University of Brighton. He is particularly drawn to the Far North and has travelled and painted Shetland, the Hebrides, Finland, Norway, The Lofoten Islands, The Faroes, Greenland and Russia. Other particular interests to him are the ancient pilgrim routes of Britain from Iona to St David’s and the Northumberland countryside around Durham and Lindisfarne. For the last nine years Ramsay has been represented solely by The Francis Kyle Gallery in London’s West End.  Following its closure we are very lucky to be able to show his work.

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