Oona Campbell

Oona’s childhood holidays were spent hiking in the Highlands of Scotland and installed in her a deep love of wild and unspoilt landscapes. She is well known for her paintings of the Highlands and the West Coast of Scotland – windswept moorlands, mist enveloping the Grampions and the wild beaches of the Western Isles. Her work is rooted in her love of romantic landscapes and her paintings recall a particular moment on a particular day when landscape and weather combined to leave a lasting imprint. These recent paintings of Glen Lyon encapsulate her love of the Scottish Highlands.

Oona has recently moved to Yorkshire and this landscape has become a new inspiration for her work.  Having familiarised herself with the patterns of the dales, all was transformed this winter by the snow which brought a magical daytime wonderland of white; evenings of golden snow and golden skies; snow covered stone walls and solitary farmer’s footsteps.

Oona works in a long tradition of European romantic landscape painting where mood and feeling combine with accuracy of observation and truth to nature. However she brings a fresh and unique vision to contemporary landscape painting and is justly recognized as one of its leading exponents. She has exhibited with the Moncrieff-Bray Gallery for over ten years and holds regular exhibitions in London and is much sort after by both private and public collectors. Her work is represented in major collections including the City of Westminster Permanent Collection and the Royal Bank of Scotlan

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