Mark Surridge

Mark Surridge’s work is in great demand with many successful solo exhibitions in both London and Cornwall.  He has been included in numerous curated exhibitions including Art Now Cornwall at Tate St. Ives, exhibitions at the Newlyn Art Gallery, Falmouth University, The Royal West of England Academy and The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Prizes and awards include the Hunting Art Prize regional award and most recently the 2015 Discerning Eye regional award.  He is currently a senior lecturer (part time) on Fine Art at Falmouth University.

Mark goes for daily walks in the Cornish landscape and as well as absorbing the ancient spirit of the land his work seizes upon chance encounters; the shadow and reflection on a pond, the projected shape of a cloud, a sentinel tor or standing stone, a buzzard taking flight. He often works in series, working on several paintings at once; one series of paintings can inform and underlie the next.  He looks for visual triggers, mapping out the terrain, he explains how  ‘traces, signs and veils – obscured by time, are re imagined using the principles of the palimpsest to look at particular sites as psychological excavations, these sites are”‘mapped”, remembered and transformed into works of equivalence of experience’.

The bird paintings are inspired by the birds in his garden and the work of Paul Nash, in particular Nash’s iconic painting in the Tate, Landscape From a Dream. They represent his interest in the middle ground between abstraction and recognisable form.

Surridge’s paint surface and texture are irresistible. Broad sweeps of brushstrokes define the Landscape, these are overlaid on a dense rich surface of many textured layers incorporating sand and carborundum, scratching back into the pigment. Random scatters of vibrant paint complete the final orchestration of his paintings.


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