Maggie O’Brien

Maggie O’Brien gained a degree in English at Warwick University before graduating with a BA from Camberwell School of Art followed by an MA in drawing at Wimbledon.  She moved to Cornwall ten years ago and works from the Trewidden studios outside Newlyn.  She has shown in exhibitions throughout the UK and her work is in collections all over the world.  She is currently taking part in the ground-breaking ‘Drawing Down the Feminine’ exhibition touring the West Country.

Maggie’s work crosses many different disciplines experimenting with processes and ways of working appropriate to the subject, and the ideas she wishes to communicate.  Her Cornish landscapes tend to be intuitive and expressive, a direct and joyful response to walks along the coastal paths, and across the farms and Moorland.

A large part of her work focuses on the birds, animals and insects that live alongside us. She is passionate about the concept of re-wilding and re-foresting parts of the UK. Living in a remote part of Cornwall has brought her close to the natural world, and she is  mindful of its vulnerability, and our collective responsibility towards it.

The work in this show focuses on vanishing species of Moths, Butterflies and Birds.  A key work, ‘Where have all the song birds gone’,  reflects on the disappearance of so many native birds from our gardens as do her  poignant box constructions –  seemly nostalgic but harbouring a hidden twist.  Her exquisite anatomical studies of moths and butterflies likewise highlight the plight of  these vanished species.

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