Anthony Garratt

Anthony studied at Chelsea College of Art, followed by a design degree at Falmouth College of Arts. After working as a designer for a few years he decided to become a full time painter. He is a regular exhibitor at the Royal West of England Academy and has shown at the RA Summer Exhibition and the Royal College of Arts Henry Moore Gallery. In 2012 Anthony was invited to paint the Diamond Jubilee Pageant from the Millennium Bridge.  He has recently been involved in several  inspirational outdoor projects.  These include ‘High and Low’ an installation in Snowdonia where one giant painting floats on a lake and the other is suspended from chains in a disused mine. And this summer, ‘To All At Sea’, Anglesey, a 4½-metre-wide, double-sided painting panel installed on the coast, near the site where the Royal Charter steamship sunk in 1859, with 800 dead.  One side depicts the storm, the other a calm day at sea.

Anthony’s paintings are concerned with the weather, and the physical experience and impact of landscape. He researches his paintings by exposing himself to the elements, winter storms, summer heat, racing tides, scudding clouds and eerie moonlight, creating paintings of passion and extremities. He draws his energy from the landscape and the weather, pouring it back into his paintings.  Water is a constant theme, ‘The way that water changes continually, and the way it deals with light fascinates me. I also like the fact that, although humans can dramatically change the visual impact of the land, it is much harder for us to impact on an enormous expanse of ocean’, he explained.


He works by splattering and dribbling, paint across canvases, sometimes mixed with earth, sand, or rust.  Brushes, knives, fingers, palette knives, all play their part.  From the seeming chaos an image gradually emerges.

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