Andrew Gifford

Andrew Gifford is now recognised as one of the most innovative landscape painters working today. His paintings and light installations have been widely exhibited, including solo public shows at Leeds City Art Gallery (2004), Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh (2001) and Middlesbrough Art Gallery (2000). Collections include the New Art Gallery, Walsall and Chatsworth House and private collections in Europe, USA and Japan. A monograph on the artist was published in 2005.

Born in Middlesbrough, Andrew has exhibited regularly with the John Martin Gallery in London since 1995.  He has travelled extensively, often painting on the streets or finding a convenient roof top or empty room from which to survey the city.  Street scenes, especially by night with the glare of neon lights are among his favourite subjects and his previous exhibitions have included views of Jerusalem, New York, Singapore, Istanbul and Fez. He is equally at home painting the landscape, revelling in the brilliant contrasting colours found in nature.

Andrew works alla prima on site laying down the paint in rapid, sweeping brushstrokes.  He then works into the painting in his studio and is a master at layering his paint and using transparent glazes to achieve his luminous effects.

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