Alexandra Zarins Rolls

Alexandra Zarins Rolls spent a year at City and Guilds in London before going on to study at the University of Edinburgh and then Charles Cecil Studios in Florence.  While in Florence, she completed her BA through the Open University (History of Art and English Literature). In 2017 she returned to London where she works as a portrait artist. Last year she spent three months in New York painting a series of portraits, including a study of five ex-prisoners during their rehabilitation into society – a challenging experience. She has just won a scholarship and will be returning to New York to study at the New York Academy of Arts in September.

Alexandra has applied her classical European training to landscapes. These landscapes of the Sussex countryside embrace the sweeping contours of the South Downs and are imbued with a richness of palette which embrace the immersive atmosphere of the English countryside in wintertime.

She has exhibited in London and New York and has a painting on permanent display in the National Geographical Society. Her portfolio of commissions is diverse and she will continue to balance her figurative personal work alongside commissioned works.




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