Upcoming Exhibitions

SCULPTURE • DRAWING  Jilly Sutton and Helen Denerley

27 APRIL – 26 MAY 2019

This exhibition looks at the work of two artists and the relationship between drawing and sculpture.  It showcases Jilly Sutton’s wood carvings but also her relief prints and paintings on wood.  These are sculptural shapes in two dimensions which use the surface and texture of the wood. Helen Denerley’s sculptures are shown together with her stunning charcoal drawings and monoprints, many of them life size, illustrating how her drawings and sculpture are integral to each other.


Together with:

Through the Artists’ Eye

Paintings and collage by:

Sarah Bowman, Marzia Colonna, Oona Campbell, Jemma Powell, Lucy Powell, Alexa Rolls, Jenny Tyson, Stephen Palmer, Sarah Warley Cummings and Vivienne Williams.