Up and Running at Last

20th September 2011

The Gods were kind to us and we had a wonderful afternoon for the Private View.  The first punters arrived on the dot of three and we finally started to turn out the lights at nine pm as I thought my feet were going to give way.  The day whizzed by as we had so many people through the door  (over 400) who were genuinely interested in what we were doing and the work on show, I know I am the proprietor but our visitors were so complimentary about the work and the setting that all the hard work was worth it.

I think Woodruffs is at its best in the early autumn, the borders are still just in flower but the berries and seed heads are also appearing, the low autumn light seems to bounce of the fields and hit the sculpture at exactly the right angle and the pieces look wonderful against the different colours and textures of the fields at this time of year.  Sculptor Richard Bray did comment that he had installed his Utile Upright pieces against a golden field of stubble and we had ‘repainted’ the back drop as the field had been ploughed in the interim- but that is the hazard of a gallery like ours.

Lots of the artists and sculptors were able to come for the opening. Dominic Welch driving  all the way up from his remote Exmore studio,  Richard Bray  from Cambridge and Nicolas Moreton from Northamptonshire.  Lucy Unwin made quite a stir by arriving by helicopter.  A helicopter in the paddock was a real bonus for our cred ratings.

Considering the economic climate, sales have been fantastic we have sold over 30 works of art spread over many different artists, with prices ranging from £40 to £8,000.  I think any London gallery would have been over joyed to have had the sort of response we have had and I am so encouraged that my daft idea of opening a gallery in the middle of a farm miles from anywhere seems to be working.  I think people love the whole experience of coming here, the garden, the quality of the sculpture and the thought that has gone into siting it.  The barn with it’s 30 foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows onto the landscape is a remarkable venue for the paintings and a superb way to show them at their best.

A big thank you to all the artists and sculptors for showing with us and for everyone who came and made is such a wonderful day.  If you haven’t yet made it to the show  – waste no time in getting here and if the opening hours don’t suit you please ring to make an appointment.  And by the way the swallows left three days before we opened.  I do miss them soaring round the garden but not the mess they made.   However, we now have a squirrel nesting in the roof of the gallery making a dreadful racket and doing untold damage.  We have set a trap bated with peanuts, the peanuts are gone every morning but  no  sign of the squirrel – I will keep you posted.