John Hitchens and Anthony Garratt May 13 to June 17

13 May to 17 June




Exploring the Land – Two Ways of Seeing


This joint exhibition will explore the way two artists have responded to the landscape of Sussex both of them painting en plein aire in an expressive spontaneous manner. John Hitchens’ work in the exhibition spans a 45 year period from the 1970s to the present day and presents a retrospective of his evolving style. Anthony’s paintings were all completed over the last year.

John’s paintings in the exhibition begin with his early representational works in the 1960s through his increasing experimentation in abstraction where sky and horizon are lost in broad gestural brush strokes, at times the flattened picture plane opening into glimpses of distant vistas. In his latest work, gestural evocations of the land are expressed in complex compositions of flat articulate colour.

Anthony’s work by contrast is concerned primarily with the weather and the physical experience and impact of it on a landscape. He is well known for his spectacular out door painting installations which have featured on National Television. For this exhibition he has explored the landscape of Petworth Park and the South Downs as well as the salt marshes of Pagham and the beach of West Wittering.

Anthony works by splattering and dribbling, paint across canvases, sometimes mixed with earth, sand, and rust. Often working in the open air, brushes, knives, fingers, palette knives, all play their part and from the seeming chaos an image gradually emerges.


The exhibition runs in conjunction with the summer sculpture show see Sculpture Exhibitions


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